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Residency Permit

Entry Requirements for Travelers to Slovakia

American citizens intending to enter Slovakia, a member of the Schengen area, for tourism or business not exceeding 90 days within any 6-month period of time do not need a visa. The limit applies to the total stay in the Schengen area. A valid U.S. passport is required. Under the current legislation, travelers must either register with a hotel or other official accommodation provider or, within 3 days, register with the Aliens Police Department in the district of residency in Slovakia.

Information on Long Term or Permanent Stay in Slovakia

In accordance with the Law of the National Council of Slovakia No. 404/2011 Coll. on the stay of foreigners in Slovakia (effective Jan. 1, 2012), persons intending to stay in Slovakia longer than a total of 90 days during any 6-month period must submit an application for a Residence Permit

either at a Diplomatic or Consular Mission of the Slovak Republic in the country of their residence (Embassy of the Slovak Republic, 3523 International Court, NW, Washington D.C. 20008, tel: 202 237 1054)

or at the aliens police department in the district of their residency in Slovakia.

A permit can be granted for a period 6 months to 6 years (depending on the purpose of stay) with a possibility of repeated extension provided that the application for a renewal of the permit is submitted before the expiration of its validity.

The applicant must now have all of the documents together in order to submit an application for a residency permit. Applicants can no longer submit some of the documents to start, and add the rest later. This makes it critical that those intending to apply for a residency permit begin planning well in advance, before arriving in Slovakia. Some documents, particularly the FBI criminal history record as well as criminal histories from some other countries, usually take three months or more to receive. Thus, while a U.S. citizen may enter the Schengen zone and stay for the 90 days allowed while also applying to change status to a residence permit, those who have not prepared key documents in advance may find it impossible to collect everything before the 90 days expire, The Embassy cannot argue on anyone’s behalf for an extension of stay.

An application for a permit, which is to be completed in Slovak, must be accompanied by:

A document certifying the reason for the stay in Slovakia, such as:

  1. preliminary job agreement issued by the appropriate Labor Center, or
  2. notification of acceptance for study, medical treatment, training, etc., or
  3. document on discontinuation of the procedure for issuing a Trade License from Trade Licensing Office (document must indicate that the missing long term stay permit is the only reason for the interruption of the procedure), or
  4. verified copy of a Trade License Certificate, or
  5. notarized copy of the entry into Commercial Register, or
  6. notarized agreement on establishment of a company (by a Notary Public in Slovakia)

A document showing method and source of income in Slovakia

with a specified monthly figure (e.g. a copy of the bank statement by which the money is transferred to Slovakia, copy of the agreement between the applicant and his employer concerning salary, etc.)

A document certifying an accommodation contract, such as:

  1. agreement on obtaining an apartment, or
  2. document about the purchase of an apartment, or
  3. legalized copy of an agreement of lease of an apartment, or
  4. legalized statement from the owner of an apartment from whom the apartment is to be rented or with whom the apartment is to be shared including an opinion of the local Municipal Office, or
  5. notarized certification from lodging facility (hotel, hostel, etc.)

Medical Examination Results of the following tests:

  • FW (sedimentation)
  • HbsAg
  • BWR
  • anti HIV1
  • anti HIV2
  • Bi (bilirubin, ALT, Urine chemical)
  • X-ray of lungs with description

Locally, the tests can be performed only at the Oddelenie cudzokrajnych chorob, Fakultna nemocnica in Bratislava, Martin or Kosice.

Contact for the Bratislava clinic, located on Americke namestie, is tel: 02/5292 5688

Document certifying that the applicant has obtained health insurance in Slovakia


If filing through the Slovak Embassy in the United States, the application is subject to a consular fee of $7 by a money order or cashier's check made payable to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

Issuance of the residency permit by the alien police departments in Slovakia is subject to additional fee, varying according to the purpose of stay in Slovakia up to approx. $220.

Valid passport

In accordance with the above-cited law, the permit may only be issued in a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the prospective stay in Slovakia.

Criminal History Record from FBI

Foreigners must provide certification from the competent national authority of their own country that they have no criminal record. Since the FBI provides such a certification to residents of the U.S. who apply for one, the Slovak Government requires such a certification from Americans applying for residence and/or work permits. The Slovak government has waived the requirement for an ‘apostille’ for this record.

The Slovak Aliens Police does not accept affidavits or other sworn statements in lieu of a criminal history record from the applicant’s home country. The U.S. Embassy cannot issue any type of document accepted by the Slovak authorities for this purpose. Therefore, we recommend to those American citizens intending to apply for a residency permit in Slovakia to apply for the FBI background check while still in the U.S.,prior to their arrival in Slovakia. Current processing time at the FBI’s center is about 12 weeks. Please note that format of the background check issued by the FBI approved agencies known as channelers are not accepted by the Slovak authorities.

Any American citizen can apply directly to the FBI for a search by sending: Identity History Summary Check

  • Inked fingerprints on an approved card available on
  • Signed Applicant Information Form also available on with request for a background check containing applicant’s two identifiers: Name and Date of Birth
  • The Form must specify that the request is for residency in Slovakia. If not, it will not contain the Date of Birth and raised seal that are the criteria required by the Slovak authorities will accept the document without apostille
  • Credit Card payment on the above web page or, with applications sent from the U.S., a certified check or money order for $18
  • in a mailing envelope annotated on the outside: Residency in SLOVAKIA


FBI CJIS Division
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306
tel. (304) 625-5590.

A certificate of No Criminal Record in any country of previous long-term residency outside the U.S. exceeding 90 days during the past 3 years

which can be obtained directly from the authorities of the applicant’s country of previous residence. Many countries issue such documents only if the applicant is physically present in that country and would not send the record by mail. Please obtain the background check before leaving that country for Slovakia. (See the end of each Reciprocity Schedule on this page for information on whether a country offers police certificates and how one obtains them:


An "approved" card means a special fingerprint form available from law enforcement agencies in the US. The FBI does not require that the fingerprints be taken by a law enforcement authority; any person can do so by using the black stamping ink and the approved form. You can usually have fingerprints taken on the FD-258 form at any police station in the U.S., and some other facilities may also offer the service. Again, because of the length of time required to receive the results, this is usually something you should do before you leave the U.S. (The Embassy does not have a stock of these forms, and cannot assist with taking the fingerprints.) The FBI states that fingerprints must be clear and readable and all applicable information boxes on the card must be completed. Any smudged fingerprints will be returned unprocessed. A common error is the use of too much ink, which smears the print.

The Slovak police does not provide this service to public and is authorized by the legislation to take fingerprints only with regard to a criminal investigation.

If you are uncomfortable with taking your own fingerprints, please be advised to contact the nearest law enforcement agency, which generally provides fingerprinting to Austrian residents.

Fingerprints in Austria are taken by the individual police headquarters ("Bundespolizeidirektion"). In Vienna please contact:

Landeskriminalamt / Erkennungsdienst ("criminal identification")
Berggasse 41
1090 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 31346 37611

The fee is € 49.80. The certificate will usually be issued on the same day.

All supporting documents originating outside Slovakia must be authenticated by the Apostille and translated by the official sworn court translator.

Approved Residency Permits

Current processing of applications for residency permits requires providing finger and face scans at the filing office. A polycarbonate card, similar to the Slovak ID card, is issued to approved applicants subsequently. This serves as ID but not as a travel document.

A holder of a Long-Term Stay Permit is obliged to notify the local Border and Aliens' Police if he/she will be absent from Slovakia for more than 180 days. The date of planned termination of a temporary stay in Slovakia should be reported in writing to local Border and Aliens’ Police prior to departure.

Any change (change of name, address, travel document, citizenship, etc.) must be reported to the Aliens’ Police no later than 3 days after the change was made.

Violation of the law can result in sanctions (fine, deportation, inadmissibility to Slovakia).

Cases not requiring Residency Permits

Certain short study, research and employment contracts not exceeding 90 days in Slovakia are exempt from obtaining the Slovak residency permit. Please consult your situation with the Slovak Embassy or Slovak police prior arrival in Slovakia.

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