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Documents Needed to Apply for a Visa

Each applicant, regardless of age, must present the following documents:

  • A valid Passport. It should be in good condition, have available (empty) visa pages, and must have at least six months of validity remaining.
  • Photograph. Front view, size 5cm X 5cm. It must have been taken within the past six months, and have a plain white background.
  • Receipt of Payment of the Visa Application (“MRV”) Fee.
  • The printed confirmation page from your online visa application form (DS-160)
  • Documentation showing your economic, social, and family ties to the country in which you reside. This documentation will vary from person to person since everyone’s personal circumstances are different.
  • Documentation that will assist you in explaining or demonstrating your purpose of travel (invitations, travel brochures, etc.)
  • Additional documentation required for specific visas:
  • Documentation required by children under age 18. A copy of the child’s birth certificate, showing the names of the child’s parents, or a legal court order establishing a Legal Guardian for the child. At least one of the parents or the guardian must appear in person at the interview, although children under age 14 do not need to attend the visa interview themselves.
  • A stamped, registered envelope from the Post Office in which your passport can be returned to you. Please pre-address it with your address. Applicants who so prefer may choose to collect their visaed passports in person at the Embassy, usually available on the afternoon of the business day following their successful application.

Please be sure you have all required documentation listed above prior to arriving at the embassy for your visa interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a valid visa in an expired passport? If you are going for the same purpose, and you haven’t changed your name or other basic information, then you can travel to the U.S. with two passports: the old one with the valid visa, and the new one, together. Answers to this and other questions about how visas work.

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